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  • 7 Beauty Resolutions for 2018
  • Post author
    Ashleigh Barnes

7 Beauty Resolutions for 2018

7 Beauty Resolutions for 2018

We’re finally in 2018, a brand new year, which means many of us are making our New Year resolutions and setting goals we’d like to crush throughout the course of the year. While our lists will include travel goals, career ambitions, healthy eating goals, and so much more, here are some beauty resolutions we believe you should make and work hard to stick to this year. Cheers to breaking bad beauty habits, taking amazing care of your skin, and practising self-care.

This year I will:       

  • Remove my makeup every night before I hit the sack
  • We’ve all been guilty of taking a snooze with a full face of makeup on, but let’s kick this habit to the curb. Not only does it lead to clogged pores and acne, but it can also cause premature aging. Ensure you are properly cleansing your face before bed and watch that flawless face unveil itself.

  • Slather on the SPF everyday
  • If you think you only need to wear sunscreen when hitting the beach, you’re not alone. But did you know you should wear sunscreen every day, even during the winter months? Applying sunscreen to the face, neck and the back of your hands provides your skin with that layer of protection which shields it from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which is linked to skin cancer.

  • Moisturize my whole life
  • Ok, well not your whole life, but your entire skin from head to toe. This year, give your skin that well needed hydration it deserves. Use a quality moisturizer on your face and body immediately after you step out of the shower. Oh, and drink lots of water to moisturize the skin from within.

  • Break up with old makeup
  • We laid out all the important info regarding when to toss and when to save your makeup in our previous post, “Save or Toss? Your Guide To Makeup Expiration Dates”. Using our guide, take some time out to go through your stash and get rid of expired makeup that can cause adverse reactions as a result of using makeup that is no longer fit to be smeared all over your face.

  • Keep my makeup brushes clean, for real
  • Dirty makeup brushes are an absolute no. Think pesky breakouts, bacteria, and streaky makeup application. Commit to washing your brushes on a consistent basis, at least once per week. You can peep our tutorial on getting rid of all the gunk from your beauty tools here.

  • Get my beauty sleep at night
  • The term ‘beauty sleep’ could not have been more true. Studies suggest that not getting enough sleep can negatively impact your skin. Getting enough shut-eye - about 8 hours per night, can help to prevent wrinkles since the body makes new collagen while you sleep, reduce your chances of bags under the eyes, and you wake up to a healthy glow as a result of increased blood flow to the skin.

  • Treat myself because I deserve it
  • That face mask you want to do on a Sunday evening? Do it. That deep conditioning hair treatment you can never find the time to do? Get it done. This year, let’s dedicate some time to giving ourselves a whole lot of love and pampering. Do what makes you feel and look good. You deserve it.

    Happy New Year!

    • Post author
      Ashleigh Barnes

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