Inflight Skincare Tips To Help You Glow On Arrival

Inflight Skincare Tips To Help You Glow On Arrival

May 30, 2018

With the nights getting lighter and summer fast approaching, you might be lucky enough to be planning a holiday in the sun. You’re probably already stockpiling sun lotion, but do you know how to look after your skin when you fly? Jetting off to far-flung, exotic destination may be glamorous, but the dry air on airplanes really takes its toll on your skin. We’ve put together some tips for taking care of your skin when you’re travelling so you look and feel amazing when you land.

Spoiler: it’s all about hydration, hydration, hydration!

How to look after your skin when you fly

Before your holiday

In the days running up to your vaycay, up your H2O intake. Your body needs all the moisture it can get, and that comes from within. Munch on water-rich foods like cucumbers, too.

To help your skin glow even after a long-haul flight, use a body brush to get the blood flowing the day before you fly, then hop in the shower and get physical with an all-over body scrub. Seal the goodness in with a good moisturiser, and mix it with body oil for a real treat for your skin.

Packing your inflight skincare

Stock up on travel sized bottles of your fave skin products before your holiday for your cabin bag. Micellar water, a rich moisturiser and a hydrating facial spray are the most important must-have products to help you stay refreshed on the flight. And don’t forget lip balm - there’s nothing worse than being mid-air with chapped lips!

Airlines tend not to give you enough water to stay truly hydrated, so pick up a big bottle in the airport after you’ve gone through security to take onboard.

During your flight

As soon as you board, braid your hair to keep it out of your eyes and prevent natural oils touching your face, then cleanse your face with cotton pads and micellar water to remove all of your make-up. Next, pat on some eye cream and massage moisturiser into your skin - face, neck, hands… everywhere your skin is exposed to the dry cabin air. The massaging action will improve circulation, which can be impaired when you’re on an airplane.


If you’re super confident or have the luxury of flying in first or business class, use that flight time to do some pampering! Whack on a sheet mask while you watch an episode of your favourite show or listen to a relaxing playlist - and be sure to take some selfies, you queen. Bonus points if you manage to scare the cabin crew.

Try to bag the aisle seat so you can sip as much water as you want without disturbing anyone when you have to get up to pee!

Avoid alcohol in the air. Drinking alcohol dehydrates you even further, so it’s best to ditch the inflight G&T. You should also try to avoid salty foods. Instead, snack on fruit and unsalted nuts and opt for light inflight meals.

When you land

When you get to your destination, cleanse your skin again to get rid of the germs that airplane air carries. If you couldn’t bring yourself to do it during the flight, pop a face mask on while you unpack to re-hydrate and soothe your skin. Before you leave the hotel room, apply a moisturiser with a high SPF. Keep drinking plenty of water throughout your holiday, because your skin might feel a little hungover from the flight. You’re good to go!

By following these inflight skincare tips, you’ll step into vacation mode with a real holiday glow! Now the question is, where are you jetting off to?

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