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XXL Face Primers Vault

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What is It

The Face Primers Vault includes a full range of XXL face primers - Avocado Poreless Primer, Vitamin Babe Brightening Primer, Coco Gold Perfecting Primer, and Melon Jelly Dewy Primer. Avocado Poreless Primer is formulated with Avocado. It minimizes pores and smoothes skin while helping your makeup go on better and last longer. The Coco Gold Perfecting Primer - a skin-perfecting primer that helps provide a flawless base for makeup application. Melon Jelly Primer is a makeup gripping gel primer that hydrates skin and helps makeup last all day. Finally the Vitamin Babe Primer is oil-free makeup gripping gel primer which helps brightens skin and ensures your makeup last all day. 


Skin perfecting

Hero Ingredients:

Avocado Fruit Extract

Avocados are extremely rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, which translates to happy nourished skin.

Rose water

Anti-inflammatory extract that reduces and soothe irritation.

Coconut Water Extract

Providing you with the extra moisture and glow. Coconut water increases skin hydration and elasticity while reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Watermelon extract

A powerful antioxidant that helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, and age spots.

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How to use it?

Apply evenly to the face prior to makeup application. Let primer set before makeup application.

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