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Melon Dollar Lips Lipgloss Trio Set

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What is It

Melon Dollar Trio Set features three shades of the Melon Dollar Lips Lipgloss: Cherry, Melonaire, and Pop.


Long Lasting High Shine Lip Gloss

Lip Plumping

Super Shiny


Enriched with Peppermint and Watermelon Seed Oil

Hero Ingredients:

Watermelon Seed Oil

Helps to heal dry, chapped & cracked lips whilst balancing moisture on the lips.

Pepermint Oil

Provides a natural plumping effect a fuller look to the lips

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How to use it?

Swipe over lips for an immediate high shine effect to the lips. Melon Dollar Lip Gloss can be used alone or as a glossy topper for any lip color.

How you style it

how you style it
how you style it
how you style it
how you style it

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