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Beauty Notes

Back To School: Guide To The Best Matte Lips

Back To School: Guide To The Best Matte Lips

@izathelioness wears the perfect red, 'Imma Bawse'

Liquid lipsticks are quite the rage these days, and it's easy to see why. They give your look a dash of sophistication and the staying power is incredible. Applying it correctly can get a little tricky, and it does take a few steps to master the art. So to help you out, today we're sharing a few easy steps to get the most flawless matte lips, ever.


1. Exfoliate - Matte lipsticks are meant to dry completely on your lips, and will unfortunately highlight any imperfections such as dryness or cracks. Exfoliating with a quick, homemade lip scrub can work wonders. Simply whip together some sugar with a little coconut oil, apply to the lips for a few minutes, then wipe clean with a wet cloth to reveal super soft lips.

2. Moisturize - To lock in moisture, apply a lightweight lip balm, and give it some time to really sink in before applying the matte lipstick. Giving it some time to sink in prevents any shine from ruining the matte finish.

Back To School Tip: To save time in the morning, you can exfoliate your lips and moisturize with a lip balm the night before to wake up to smooth lips ready for application.

@xonoelle looks fabulous in the perfect everyday pink, 'Che Guava'


1. Outline the lips - With a little smile on your face, use the tip of the doe foot applicator and carefully trace the outline of your lips, then...

2. Fill in with an even coat - When applying matte lipsticks, a thin, even layer is key to a flawless finish. Too many coats is asking for a disaster, and will only cause the lipstick to look thick and eventually crumble within a very short amount of time - not very flattering.

@erikaamarianaa is 'Date Night' ready


Clean Up - After you've completed the above steps, if you have some time to spare, use a concealer brush and your favourite concealer to clean up any imperfections around the edges of your lips and help refine your lip shape.


Press The Lips Together - Unlike lipgloss and traditional lipstick, rubbing your lips together after applying liquid lipsticks will result in patchiness or streaking.

@ashleyvera looking great in 'Greige Expectations'

Hope you found these tips helpful. Shop these 4 gorgeous shades shown from our Mini Girl Gang set, now a part of our 'Sorority Sistas' Back To School bundle deal.

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Get The Most From Your Summer Glow | How To Use Glow Milk

Get The Most From Your Summer Glow | How To Use Glow Milk

We’re all about a glow. All year round. Which is why we recently introduced our new liquid highlighter – Glow Milk. This little bottle is literally made of magic (at least, we like to think so) and has more uses than you may have previously imagined.

We love getting creative with our makeup here at The Beauty Crop, and glow milk is the perfect formula for experimenting *puts on lab coat*. Rather than just a typical cheekbone highlight, why not try a few of these slightly un-conventional uses and get your glow on!

Collarbones & shoulders

Apply a few drops of Glow Milk onto your collarbones and shoulders for a cheat-way to more defined features. This look is perfect for nights out with the girls, or a natural looking summer shimmer in the day.

Luminous Glow

Foundation making your complexion look dull? Try mixing a drop or two of Glow Milk with it to brighten your base and give your skin a new lease of life.


Cheek & Brow Bone

Although a cheek highlight is often not forgotten, a brown bone highlight tends to go amiss. Accentuate your cheek and brow bone for a glowing goddess look with a few drops of glow milk. Blend with a fluffy brush or the tip of your fingers for a bright-eyed look.

Body Shimmer

Girl, highlighter isn’t just for your face. We love mixing in a few drops of Glow Milk with our fave body moisturizer. This creates the perfect healthy glow all year round.


Inner Eye & Lid

Nothing makes you look more awake than an inner eye highlight. Just one drop of Glow Milk is all you need to hide those Monday eyes. Why not put some on your eyelid too for a glam shimmer, or the perfect eye shadow base.

Which of these ways will you be trying? If you’ve not got your hands on Glow Milk yet you can purchase it individually or as part of our limited edition ‘Friday Night Lights’ bundle and save up to 30%!


@kendria.williams getting that summer glow with Glow Milk 😍 Have you tried it yet? Shop via the link in our bio 💕🌟

A post shared by The Beauty Crop (@thebeautycrop) on


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Back To School: Simple & Easy 10 Minute Makeup Tutorial

Early mornings, late night study sessions, assignment deadlines; the back-to-school season is creeping up on us, and now it’s time to brush up that early morning makeup routine. Let’s be real: no one has the time to battle with uneven winged eyeliner, false eyelashes, and blending multiple eyeshadows when you just pulled an all-nighter and class begins at 8 a.m.

If you’re heading back to school soon, here’s a quick back to school makeup routine you can do in 10 minutes or less that will have you out the door in no time and ready to take on the day.

Face: After moisturizing your skin, apply your favorite primer, then a natural looking foundation of your choice to effortlessly even out your complexion. To camouflage the aftermath of sleepless nights, apply concealer one or two shades lighter than your skintone underneath your eyes to brighten them. Set your entire face.

Brows: If you already have full eyebrows, skip this step. If your sparse brows need a little love, use a brow pencil to fill them in, making sure to use short, light strokes for a defined yet soft, natural look.

Eyeshadow: For a neutral eye, put that bronzer to work and sweep it into the crease and outer corner of your eyes to add some depth.

Mascara & Liner: Using a pencil liner, start from the inner corner of the eyes and carefully draw a thin line as close as you can to your lashes. Follow up by coating your top and bottom lashes with our Fabulous Flocking Lashes Mascara for some volume.

Bronzer: While foundation provides you with a flawless base, it can also leave your skin looking flat. To avoid the one-dimensional look, dab a bit of bronzer along the temples and just under the cheekbones for a very subtle contour.

Highlighter: Take 3 dots of our ‘Love You So Matcha’ Lighting Crew Highlighting Cream and apply to the cheekbones, blending lightly with your fingertips for a mesmerizing glow.

Lips: To finish off the look, choose an everyday wearable shade like our PBJ Smoothie Stick in ‘Guava Nice Day’, a perfect pink berry shade with an incredible moisturizing formula that will keep your lips soft all day. If you’re more of a matte lippie kind of girl, our GRLPWR liquid lipstick in ‘Che Guava’, a dusty pink, is enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E, is non-drying, and has fabulous staying power to last you throughout classes.

Be sure to shop our Back To School “Guava Have It” bundle featuring our PBJ Smoothie Stick in ‘Guava Nice Day’, GRLPWR liquid lipstick in ‘Che Guava’, and our ‘Love You So Matcha’ Lighting Crew liquid highlighter. Also includes our exclusive confetti bag!

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The Easiest Way To Remove Water-Resistant Mascara

The Easiest Way To Remove Water-Resistant Mascara

No one likes the panda eye look, which is why we all love a good water-resistant, tubing mascara. Theyre totally pool and party proof and make summer that little bit more fabulous.

The problem is, removing water-resistant or tubing mascara can cause you serious bother. You spend 10 minutes using your normal makeup remover, scrubbing, rubbing and getting absolutely no-where. Confusing, right? Weve all been there.

The solution - oil. If something is water-resistant, use the opposite to water - oil. We know, youre sat there wondering why you hadnt thought of that before you nearly rubbed your eyes out

 Any oil based cleanser will work, and even using a pure natural oil such as coconut or olive oil will do the job perfectly. We recommend staying clear of mineral-oil based products though, such as baby oil and vaseline, as you really dont want to be putting that near your eyes.

How to remove waterproof mascara


The Process:

Step 1: Coat a cotton pad with the oil or oil-based cleanser of your choice.

Step 2: Close your eyes firmly shut, and place the cotton pad on your lashes, pressing gently.

Step 3: Hold the pads in place for 15-20 seconds so that the oil has time to dissolve the mascara.

Step 4: Gently wipe your lashes with the pad and watch the mascara slide off. With tubing mascaras, dont be alarmed if you tiny tubes of mascara sliding off

Step 5: Finish by rinsing your face and eyes with a gentle face cleanser.

How easy! We hope this simple tip has vanished all your mascara worries, and makes using our Fabulous Flocking Lashes mascara even better. 

What is a tubing mascara? 

Unlike regular mascara which coats pigment on your lashes, tubing mascaras contains flexible polymers that actually wrap themselves around each of your lashes, ensuring that each lash has 360-degree coverage. Tubing mascara goes on slightly wetter than regular versions; when it dries, the lacquer shrink-wraps around each lash, giving dramatic lashes which are smudge and smear proof. For anyone who hasn’t used a tubing mascara before, the first time you remove it can be a little scary. The tubes release with a combination of water or oil and light pressure, but it can look like your lashes are coming off in your hands. Don’t worry — it’s just the mascara polymers, not your lashes!

tubing mascara removal

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5 Sweat-Proof Makeup Tips To Save You This Summer

5 Sweat-Proof Makeup Tips To Save You This Summer

Summertime may very well be our favorite time of the year - the gorgeous sunshine, pool parties and BBQ’s, and that favorite swimsuit we’ve been dying to wear all year long! Unfortunately with the rising temperatures and humidity comes the oh so annoying  ‘melting face’. And just like that, all the time and effort you’ve put into creating that perfect masterpiece is sabotaged by the summer heat.

Don’t sweat it, Beauty Croppers! Here are 5 super easy tips to prevent your makeup from sliding all over the place this summer.

1. Time To Prime

Smoothing on a primer is one crucial step we shouldn’t throw out the window, ever! An oil controlling, mattifying primer gives your foundation extra staying power and helps to combat shiny skin by keeping excess oil, which can cause slipping, under control.

2. Lighten Up

Using a thick, full coverage foundation during the summer heat is a no-no. Instead, swap it for one that has a lighter coverage and is also oil-free. If you can avoid foundation altogether, do it! A tinted moisturizer or BB cream all work just as great to give you a gorgeous, natural glow while evening out your skin tone.

3. Waterproof Those Lashes

Because who likes panda eyes? Opt for a waterproof, clump-free formula like our Fabulous Flocking Lashes Mascara for the most defined and lustrous lashes. Infused with argan and jojoba oil, your lashes will also stay hydrated!

4. Set It Real Good

Now that you have your makeup on, a translucent setting powder will be your best friend to set and lock everything in place, and prevent it from moving and melting. Lightly dust the product all over the entire face with a large powder brush and you’re good to go!

5. Dab, Dab, Dab!

As soon as a little shine begins to peek through, we are quick to grab the powder which can leave us looking cakey at the end of the day when overdone. Blotting papers come in super handy when you need to eliminate sweat and remove any unwanted shine without disturbing your makeup. Just be sure to dab using press and lift motions instead of dragging it over your face.

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Grapefruit love!

Grapefruit love!

Our Sunshine in a Bottle body mist has gorgeous grapefruit - did you know the scent of grapefruit can do amazing things? It can lessen anxiety and in fact there is anecdotal evidence suggests that grapefruit aromas can curb depression and enhance memory! Thats literally #sunshine in a bottle to us

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