Who we are

We are a brand inspired by healthy living and creating products enhanced with nutrition derived from natural ingredients. We avoid complex formulas and unnecessary additives, which allows us to create unique cosmetic recipes that include natural oils and plant-based extracts for products that will nurture your skin whilst delivering intense colour technology.

I hope that we can elevate the beauty industry to a better place by challenging it with better formulas, incorporating nutritious ingredients while replacing questionable ingredients. And also by challenging the industry to do better when it comes to sustainability, choice of packaging and recyclability of components.

- Ning, Founder of The Beauty Crop

What we believe In

Our philosophy is that nutrition is as equally essential for your skin as it is for your body. Inspired by the healthy recipes we cook in the kitchen, we are passionate about creating colourful, fun and uber-hydrating cosmetics that include nutrition-rich superfood ingredients that promote health and wellbeing.



Natural plant-based good-for-you ingredients included in all our product s. We believe that outer beauty starts from within.


We formulate to the highest standards in the world, European Union standards, banning over 1,300+ toxins, to ensure our products are safe for our bodies and our planet. We’re also committed to reducing waste, lightening our carbon footprint, and preserving Earth’s ecosystems.


Everyone deserves to have guilt-free beauty. Quality products shouldn’t be a luxury and we create products without the fussy packaging and conventional retail markups.


We believe above all beauty should be fun and inclusive - we want you to experiment with us new colors, packaging and textures. Join in the conversation to tell us your honest reviews and what you want to see more of.