3 Reasons You’ll Love Our Lip Brûlée

3 Reasons You’ll Love Our Lip Brûlée

Is it a gloss, a stain, a balm, or a lipstick? How about ALL of them in one single tube!? Meet our newest product, Lip Brulee, a unique, hybrid formulation created to give you the intense pigment of a lipstick, long-lasting staying power of a stain, moisture like a balm and high-shine drama like a lip gloss. Seriously, you are going to need these, and here’s why!

Color That Lasts

Our Lip Brulees glide onto the lips as a tinted glossy formula (bold shine and super pigmented color), and leaves a lovely stain behind after the gloss wears off. This makes it the ideal lip product for you if you're not the type to continuously run to the bathroom to touch up throughout the day.

Hydration At It’s Finest

While some lip products on the market tend to dry out the lips, Lip Brulee is enriched with Jojoba and Apricot Kernel Oil which provides impeccable moisture, leaving your lips pampered and soft. What you get is a product that’s comfortable to wear all day due to its hydrating ingredients, because we’re not about that dry, cracked lips life.

So Many Shades

We launched 11 gorgeous shades, giving you lots of options to choose from. If you love reds, then Rhubarb Custard, a deep berry shade, Red Velvet, a true red shade, and Cherry Glaze, a deep blue red shade will be more your thing. For everyday wear, Butterscotch, a caramel nude shade, Panna Cotta, a chestnut rose shade, and Salted Caramel, a nude brown shade make the perfect selection. If you’re more on the peach/pink side, then go for Creme De Rose, a cool nude rose shade, Candy Floss, a muted pink shade, or Peach Melba, a warm peach shade. For a little Spring drama, try our Berry Tart, a perfect deep berry shade, or tone it down with Gumdrop, a dusty mauve shade.

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