6 Simple Tricks For Long Lasting Makeup

We’ve all had those days where you feel like your makeup is literally sliding off your face, you’re frantically blotting your skin with tissue and you look like you’ve just done a 10-mile run. Going back to school is stressful enough without having to worry about your makeup, so try these tips to look fabulous for longer.


Prep & Prime

Sorry we had to start with such an obvious one, but girl, starting with a clear base is the first step to long lasting makeup. Make sure you cleanse, tone & moisturize (no matter how tired you are in the morning). Then use your favorite primer before applying your foundation. Whether you go for a matte or illuminating formula, you’re guaranteed to look flawless for longer – yassss.


Set your base

We all love how dewy our skin looks after applying foundation, but forgetting to set your skin with a powder (loose or pressed) can result in a greasy looking face come lunch time. Us oily skin girls should certainly not miss this step.

Flawless Makeup

image by @offbeatlook


Blot those lips 

Feeling sassy and going for a bright lip or liquid lipstick? Keep those lips looking perfect all day with this simple routine.  

  1. Apply a layer of lipstick
  2. Blot your lips with tissue (basically kiss the tissue so excess lipstick comes off).
  3. Apply another layer of lipstick

image by @chlosubia


Long lasting eyes

One of our favorite tricks for long lasting eye shadow is to dip our eye shadow brush in a priming spray before using our fave eye palette. You’ll be amazed how much longer the shadow pigment lasts on your lids.


Waterproof mascara

Tiredness at school causing you to wipe those eyes? Opt for a waterproof; smudge proof mascara like our Fabulous Flocking Lashes Mascara to avoid the embarrassing panda eye look. Waterproof mascara is also great if you do lots of sports and activities whilst you’re at school.

Waterproof Mascara

Less is more

The less you put on your face, the less there is to fall off it, right? Try using only a small layer of foundation, or even use a tinted moisturizer for a more natural look. Apply concealer to the areas that need it most and don’t over-contour to avoid cake-y looking makeup.

PBJ smoothie stick

We hope these little tips & tricks help you to look & feel your best when you go back to school. If you’re after some back-to-school makeup check out our Makeup Kits for sassy savings and school-proof essentials.

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