A Girls Guide To The Perfect Pamper Night

A Girls Guide To The Perfect Pamper Night

Sometimes, a gal’s just gotta take care of herself. Nothing is more relaxing than a cosy night in, dedicating an entire evening to indulging in some serious pampering. With that in mind, here’s our guide to having the most blissed-out pamper night ever.

Plan ahead

Pick a night when you really need some downtime, come home from work and start prepping for your ultimate pamper party. Change your bed sheets so they’re clean and waiting for you to climb in later, stock up on your favourite treats and make sure your fluffiest bathrobe is freshly laundered.

Switch off

Start by turning your phone off. You can’t truly unwind if you’re still checking your emails and scrolling through Instagram. This is the time to reconnect with the world around you, so pick up that book that’s been gathering dust on your shelf, stream a chill-out playlist on Spotify or simply do nothing.

Feed your body

Next, whip yourself up a really great dinner. Something warm and comforting, that nourishes your soul. Pasta, a superfood salad or a classic dish like chilli are all good options. Not into cooking? Order in! Nobody’s judging.

Have a bath

No pamper party is complete without bath time. Fill the tub with hot water and all your favorite, fragrant products. The more bubbles, the better – but why stop with bubble bath? Throw in everything you’ve got in your cupboard, from bath salts to melts. Just make sure the scents complement one another.

Set the mood

Lights off, candles lit. What is it about candlelight that makes us SO relaxed?

Wash the world away

Once you’ve spent some time soaking, do some serious cleansing and exfoliating. There’s nothing like a good scrub to make you feel like a new woman!

Bath time is the perfect time to pop on a face mask (try our DIY avocado face mask), and why not give your hair a treat too? While your face mask works its magic, coat your hair in a deep conditioning treatment. The steam from your bath will help the ingredients’ moisturising properties penetrate the hair shafts quicker and more deeply, so your hair will feel super soft and nourished.


After your soak, remember to moisturise and give your hands and feet some extra attention. Try slathering on an extra hydrating lotion, and put on cotton socks before bed to let the moisturiser soak in overnight. Your feet will feel fabulous in the morning. Remember to drink lots of water throughout the night too!

Enjoy some me-time

The night is yours. Do your nails, binge-watch your favorite series or watch a chick flick. Most importantly, get an early night! None of us get enough sleep, so get into bed early, spray some pillow spray and again - put your phone down.

Pamper night complete. How do you like to pamper yourself?

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