A guide to gifting the beauty lover in your life

A guide to gifting the beauty lover in your life

The holiday season may not feel quite the same this year, but different doesn’t have to mean bad - right? Maybe restrictions are relaxed where you are, or perhaps you’re back in Lockdown, let’s try and make the most of things as much as we can!

With online shopping super accessible, it’s easier than ever to get your gifts online, and give to people that mean the most to you - even if you can’t actually be with them. 

We’ve put together an easy gift guide that will make shopping for the beauty lover in your life totally stress-free!

Nude Lover 

Less is more for the nude lover in your life. Their looks are neutral, they adore brown & bronze shades and always have a natural flush to their cheeks with a beautiful blusher. 

They'll love everything in this collection.

The Glow Getter 

For the friend that always has the best highlight and most beautiful looking skin. They’re not afraid of a lot of sparkle (in-fact, the more the better) and a liquid-highlighter is most likely the makeup product they couldn’t live without. 

This collection also has wrapped & ready to go gift sets we know they'll adore. 

The Statement Maker 

We’re talking bold eyeshadows, bright lips & the best brows you’ve ever seen. The statement maker is rarely seen without lots of colour (only when at home in their onesie) and they have the looks that get people’s heads turning. 

Check out the guide here. 

The Essentials

This person knows exactly what they want when it comes to their beauty routine. The essentials gift guide has everything they could need to create an array of beautiful looks. Mascara, lippies & more!

Who are you gifting this year? 🎁

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