Back To School: Guide To The Best Matte Lips

Back To School: Guide To The Best Matte Lips

@izathelioness wears the perfect red, 'Imma Bawse'

Liquid lipsticks are quite the rage these days, and it's easy to see why. They give your look a dash of sophistication and the staying power is incredible. Applying it correctly can get a little tricky, and it does take a few steps to master the art. So to help you out, today we're sharing a few easy steps to get the most flawless matte lips, ever.


1. Exfoliate - Matte lipsticks are meant to dry completely on your lips, and will unfortunately highlight any imperfections such as dryness or cracks. Exfoliating with a quick, homemade lip scrub can work wonders. Simply whip together some sugar with a little coconut oil, apply to the lips for a few minutes, then wipe clean with a wet cloth to reveal super soft lips.

2. Moisturize - To lock in moisture, apply a lightweight lip balm, and give it some time to really sink in before applying the matte lipstick. Giving it some time to sink in prevents any shine from ruining the matte finish.

Back To School Tip: To save time in the morning, you can exfoliate your lips and moisturize with a lip balm the night before to wake up to smooth lips ready for application.

@xonoelle looks fabulous in the perfect everyday pink, 'Che Guava'


1. Outline the lips - With a little smile on your face, use the tip of the doe foot applicator and carefully trace the outline of your lips, then...

2. Fill in with an even coat - When applying matte lipsticks, a thin, even layer is key to a flawless finish. Too many coats is asking for a disaster, and will only cause the lipstick to look thick and eventually crumble within a very short amount of time - not very flattering.

@erikaamarianaa is 'Date Night' ready


Clean Up - After you've completed the above steps, if you have some time to spare, use a concealer brush and your favourite concealer to clean up any imperfections around the edges of your lips and help refine your lip shape.


Press The Lips Together - Unlike lipgloss and traditional lipstick, rubbing your lips together after applying liquid lipsticks will result in patchiness or streaking.

@ashleyvera looking great in 'Greige Expectations'

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