Back To School: Simple & Easy 10 Minute Makeup Tutorial

August 04, 2017

Early mornings, late night study sessions, assignment deadlines; the back-to-school season is creeping up on us, and now it’s time to brush up that early morning makeup routine. Let’s be real: no one has the time to battle with uneven winged eyeliner, false eyelashes, and blending multiple eyeshadows when you just pulled an all-nighter and class begins at 8 a.m.

If you’re heading back to school soon, here’s a quick back to school makeup routine you can do in 10 minutes or less that will have you out the door in no time and ready to take on the day.

Face: After moisturizing your skin, apply your favorite primer, then a natural looking foundation of your choice to effortlessly even out your complexion. To camouflage the aftermath of sleepless nights, apply concealer one or two shades lighter than your skintone underneath your eyes to brighten them. Set your entire face.

Brows: If you already have full eyebrows, skip this step. If your sparse brows need a little love, use a brow pencil to fill them in, making sure to use short, light strokes for a defined yet soft, natural look.

Eyeshadow: For a neutral eye, put that bronzer to work and sweep it into the crease and outer corner of your eyes to add some depth.

Mascara & Liner: Using a pencil liner, start from the inner corner of the eyes and carefully draw a thin line as close as you can to your lashes. Follow up by coating your top and bottom lashes with our Fabulous Flocking Lashes Mascara for some volume.

Bronzer: While foundation provides you with a flawless base, it can also leave your skin looking flat. To avoid the one-dimensional look, dab a bit of bronzer along the temples and just under the cheekbones for a very subtle contour.

Highlighter: Take 3 dots of our ‘Love You So Matcha’ Lighting Crew Highlighting Cream and apply to the cheekbones, blending lightly with your fingertips for a mesmerizing glow.

Lips: To finish off the look, choose an everyday wearable shade like our PBJ Smoothie Stick in ‘Guava Nice Day’, a perfect pink berry shade with an incredible moisturizing formula that will keep your lips soft all day. If you’re more of a matte lippie kind of girl, our GRLPWR liquid lipstick in ‘Che Guava’, a dusty pink, is enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E, is non-drying, and has fabulous staying power to last you throughout classes.

Be sure to shop our Back To School “Guava Have It” bundle featuring our PBJ Smoothie Stick in ‘Guava Nice Day’, GRLPWR liquid lipstick in ‘Che Guava’, and our ‘Love You So Matcha’ Lighting Crew liquid highlighter. Also includes our exclusive confetti bag!

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