Beauty Lessons Our Moms Taught Us

Beauty Lessons Our Moms Taught Us

Moms know best, especially when it comes to beauty and makeup. Growing up we used to dig through our mother's stash (they were the real beauty gurus back then), covering our faces in lipstick, and literally painting our lids with the brightest eyeshadows known to man. After all, some of our beauty routines today are inspired by watching mom get glam in the mirror, as well as invaluable advice she drilled in our minds as we got older. In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked bloggers to share with us unforgettable lessons they learned from Mom. If you’re a mama, a huge Happy Mother’s Day to you from The Beauty Crop!

Noosha (@lifebynoosha) - One beauty tip my mother taught me was to keep my hands away from my face and not to pick at blemishes. Your hands are not always clean, and touching your face can bring about those pesky blemishes. She taught me how important taking care of my skin is. Can’t say I did a great job listening. Haha!

Rosie (@rlqrosie) - The best beauty tip I received from my mother was that the eyes are the most important. Whether it was a little eyeliner or a touch of mascara, my mom always wanted to have her eyes stand out the most. She has the most beautiful eyes! She sold Avon so I was always taking her pencil liner and Maybelline mascara. My first beauty products were Covergirl powder and Maybelline mascara in blue. My mom would encourage me to try not to wear lipstick at a young age if I was wearing eye makeup. She said it would make me look older than I am and I shouldn't be in a hurry to age myself. I'm glad I listened.

Melissa (@primpandprimebeauty) - My mother always told me to never leave the house without wearing SPF, and to never sleep in my makeup.  
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