Eye Mask Hacks You Need To Try

Eye Mask Hacks You Need To Try

Eye Gels are one of the favorite steps in our skincare routines. Perfect for pre-makeup prep or a hydrating boost to tired eyes at the end of the day. 

Below we've shared some of our favourite Eye Mask hacks that we know you'll love and ensure you get the most from your eye gels. 

Use before makeup application

Prioritise eye masks as part of your pre-makeup prep for de-puffed and hydrated under-eyes. Not only will you look more awake, you will find your foundation and concealer application so much more effortless. 

Vegan eye masks

Keep them in the fridge

Our founder first introduced me to this hack, and oh my goodness. It’s game-changing! Our eye gels already have a refreshing cooling sensation, but keeping the jar in the fridge adds that something extra. Your under-eyes will thank us if you’ve had no sleep or one too many 🍷.

Don’t waste any residue 

Instead of washing off any remaining residue from the gels, jar or packet - gently pat it into your face or décolletage. Nourished with good-for-you ingredients, this will simply give your skin a hydrating moisture boost. 

Use Biodegradable eye gels

When choosing disposable beauty items like eye gels, we prefer to opt for biodegradable or recyclable options. Beauty without the guilt that doesn't damage the environment is a priority for us. They're also not difficult to find. Our NEW Avocado & Watermelon eye gels are vegan, cruelty free AND 100% biodegradable. 

biodegradable eye gels

Will you try any of these eye mask hacks? 


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