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Get The Most From Your Summer Glow | How To Use Glow Milk

We’re all about a glow. All year round. Which is why we introduced our liquid highlighter – Glow Milk. This little bottle is literally made of magic (at least, we like to think so) and has more uses than you may have previously imagined.

We love getting creative with our makeup here at The Beauty Crop, and glow milk is the perfect formula for experimenting *puts on lab coat*. Rather than just a typical cheekbone highlight, why not try a few of these slightly un-conventional uses and get your glow on!

Collarbones & shoulders

Apply a few drops of Glow Milk onto your collarbones and shoulders for a cheat-way to more defined features. This look is perfect for nights out with the girls, or a natural looking shimmer in the day.

Luminous Glow

Foundation making your complexion look dull? Try mixing a drop or two of Glow Milk with it to brighten your base and give your skin a new lease of life. Or apply a light layer before foundation application if you want something a little more subtle.

glow milk


Cheek & Brow Bone

Although a cheek highlight is often not forgotten, a brown bone highlight tends to go amiss. Accentuate your cheek and brow bone for a glowing goddess look with a few drops of glow milk. Blend with a fluffy brush or the tip of your fingers for a bright-eyed look.

how to use glow milk

Body Shimmer

Girl, highlighter isn’t just for your face. We love mixing in a few drops of Glow Milk with our fave body moisturizer. This creates the perfect healthy glow all year round.


glow milk swatches

Inner Eye & Lid

Nothing makes you look more awake than an inner eye highlight. Just one drop of Glow Milk is all you need to hide those Monday eyes. Why not put some on your eyelid too for a glam shimmer, or the perfect eye shadow base.

how to use glow milk on face 
TIP: Our preference is to apply Glow Milk before any powder products. This gives the product a chance to sit perfectly on your skin & give maximum GLOW!

Which of these ways will you be trying? If you’ve not got your hands on Glow Milk yet you can purchase it individually or as part of our 'taste of glow milk' set.

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Absolutely love this highlighter, I had this on Birchbox and I literally cannot find the product anywhere to buy because it’s unavailable on there, where can I actually buy this from?

Fenika Hardy

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