How To Apply Cream Blush: Top 3 Tips from Monyca Tamang

How To Apply Cream Blush: Top 3 Tips from Monyca Tamang

Cream blushes can be very intimidating. There's nothing worse than packing on the product and looking like you're all ready to audition for the circus, instead of the most subtle, rosy cheeks you were aiming for. Applied correctly, cream blush melts seamlessly into the skin giving you a very natural, dewy flush. There's no denying how it can elevate your makeup game, especially with its long-lasting finish.

We recruited makeup guru, Monyca Tamang (@monycatamang), to share her favorite tips when applying cream blush so you won't ever have to worry about looking like a clown. Let's get blushin'!

Tip #1: Use Your Fingers

"Your fingers are the perfect tool when applying cream blushes and cream products in general," Monyca says. "After applying your foundation, simply use two clean fingers to apply the cream blush using light tapping motions, starting from the apples of the cheek and blending back towards the hairline. The warmth from your fingertips makes it easier to blend."

Since cream blushes can be a little difficult to tone down, she recommends using a light hand and building up one layer at a time until you achieve the look you desire, instead of packing on too much product all at once.

Tip #2: Use a Beauty Blender/Sponge

We all know the power of the beauty blender/sponge. Monyca shares that even after using your fingers to apply cream blush, you can always go in with a beauty sponge to tap off excess color on the cheeks and do a bit more blending - or you can just use the beauty sponge to apply the cream blush directly.

"A beauty blender or sponge is an excellent way to achieve a flawless cream blush application. Very lightly, press your sponge into the blush and apply to the cheeks to get a sheer flush of color that looks very natural."

Tip #3: Use A Stippling Brush

Another tip Monyca suggests is using a small stippling brush. "Pick up a minimal amount of product with the brush and, using the same motion as you would with your fingers, use the brush to press the product into your skin. It leaves you with a very soft, airbrushed finish."

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