How to Multimask to target all your skin concerns

How to Multimask to target all your skin concerns

Have you tried multimasking before? It’s exactly what it says it is; combining multiple masks to target your different skin care concerns. Not many people have ‘normal’ skin all over, so this is a great way to get the most from your mask routine. 

Combining our rose mask, watermelon mask and either avocado or watermelon eye gels can help you target your concerns in one. 

Here’s our guide to planning multi-masking for your skin type using our skincare collection:

Oily areas: Apply our rose clay mask to any oily areas of your skin, this tends to be your t-zone. This mask has detoxifying and purifying properties that draws out impurities and reduce oiliness. 

Dry areas: Use our watermelon jelly maskformulated with Watermelon Fruit Extract this mask helps to hydrate and brighten skin.

Breakouts: Use our Rose clay mask as a targeted spot treatment. Apply to the concerned areas, leave for 10 minutes and rinse. 

Textured areas: Our rose clay mask gently exfoliates to help refine skin's texture and enhance radiance.

Puffy eyes: Use our Avocado eye gels, these nourishing avocado and green tea-infused eye patches will hydrate and de-puff your tired eyes in minutes. 

Dull & dark circles: Our Watermelon eye gels are antioxidant-rich and brighten and reduce the appearance of fine lines for refreshed under eyes. They're also 100% biodegradable. 


Will you try multimasking? You can check out our full skincare collection here.

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