Our team Self-Care goals for 2021

Our team Self-Care goals for 2021

If 2020 taught us anything it's that taking care of ourselves really matters. Not just for our physical health but most importantly our mental health. In a time where we're currently spending most of our days in lockdown, working from home and unable to do anything or see those closest to us, a few moments, minutes or hours of self care are rituals we can really look forward to and rely on in this difficult time.

As we just entered 2021 with yet another lockdown, I asked our team their self-care goals for this year. From education and beauty to everything in between here's what our goal-getting team want to achieve this year. 


As a working mum with two little ones, finding time for myself through multiple lockdowns has been very tough, and every day i'm grateful to have just made it through (i'm sure every other mumma will totally relate to that 😅). But this year i want to focus on finding a little more time for me - to fulfil some interests and learn new skills. I'd love to further my education and even begin learning another language. I know even finding 1 hour per week will make a huge difference.


This year i'm definitely going to make more time for myself, by actually taking a lunch break for example and going for a walk. I need to move more! My back suffers from my WFH lifestyle and i need to look after myself a bit better. Taking a calmer approach to work and trying not to get too stressed!


I’d say my top 3 self care goals for 2021 are forming a better sleep pattern, work/ life balance and increasing my water intake.


Trying to incorporate more veggies into my diet and some movement every day. 


Physical self care goals: reduce my sugar intake and try to sleep for 8 hours a night.

Emotional goals: spend more time with family and friends.

Psychological goals: de clutter and unpack my boxes from recent move.



What are your self-care goals for 2021? We'd love to hear them! xox


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