The Best Products For Gym-Proof Makeup

The Best Products For Gym-Proof Makeup

Who says you have to sacrifice your beauty regime while you’re working on your fitness goals? Sure, it would be nice to work out bare-faced, but some of us prefer a little cosmetic help with our no-makeup look. Gym make-up is best kept minimal, fresh and neutral-toned. You know, so you can pretend that glow is a result of HIIT, not a spare five minutes in the locker room mirror. Here’s our guide to the best makeup to wear at the gym, that will still let your skin breathe as you move.


Open up your peepers with a quick slick of our Fabulous Flocking Lashes Mascara on your upper lashes to lengthen, plump and separate. It’s best to skip coating your bottom lashes when you’re exercising for a more awake, natural look. The smear-free formula won’t budge while you exercise, so there’s no danger of panda eyes post-spin. The water-resistant formula resists even the sweatiest of workouts, and the Argan Oil & Jojoba condition your lashes as you indulge in some body conditioning. Useful for batting your lashes at your trainer as he shouts motivation at you…



A full face of foundation looks out of place at the gym, but a little boost to your natural radiance wouldn’t go amiss, right? Use an all-in-one product like Lighting Crew to perk up your complexion and accentuate your bone structure. Dab on top of your cheekbones, on your brow bone and the inner corner of your eyes for a ‘lit from within’ vibe. If you prefer extra coverage, you can always apply a light, mineral foundation or concealer on top.


Finish your gym look with a swipe of a neutral lip shade like Raisin’ The Roof. Our Smoothie Sticks are super nourishing, moisturising your lips and preventing them from cracking under the gym’s icy air-con. Keep it in your gym bag for on-the-go top ups.

Nailing that ‘no makeup, make up’ look is a fine art, but using products that combine natural ingredients to detoxify and nourish your skin for the gym mean you’re indulging in a double whammy of goodness. Be sure to cleanse, tone and moisturise fully after your gym session to ensure your skin is radiant, with and without makeup.

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