The Beauty Crop Pride collection 2021

The story behind our Love Wins 2021 Pride Collection: With Andrew Ahern

For our Pride 'Love Wins' collection we collaborated with Andrew Ahern, an incredibly talented queer illustrator who has been an absolute pleasure to work with. We are incredibly proud of this collection and the history and communities it represents. We caught up with Andrew to find out his inspiration and ideas for this art work. 


Hi everyone, my name is Andrew Ahern. I'm a queer illustrator from Manchester, and I'm the illustrator for The Beauty Crop's, Love Wins collection.

So this is the design that I did for the Beauty Crop *see image above*. The main inspiration was looking back at history of the Pride movement, where it started and where we are now. So I've included the different rainbows through history, starting with the first Pride flag. I have also included the trans colours of the flag and the black and brown stripes to represent the black and brown community.

For me personally, I look at Marsha p Johnson as the one of the people that started off the modern Pride movement. So I wanted to honour her by using the flowers that she often wore on her head, and using a woman of colour as a superhero to represent everything that she did and her bravery in starting the modern Pride movement. I have used the trans flag as her hair and she's got some amazing glasses, and the intersex flag is used as the superhero top.

The “LOVE WINS’ logo features a peace sign, a trophy and also the Two Spirit logo which is an Indigenous culture reference to the queer people within their communities. The signs and the progress pride flag at the bottom nods at the past and the Stonewall riots that started the modern pride movement we see today, but also the work still left to be done.

I've wanted to try include every sort of colour that I possibly could, to be inclusive of all the Pride flags and represent of all the different LGBTQ+ communities.

So we've got black, brown, grey, yellow, everything I could possibly try and fit in as possible to represent everybody. It's a big party of colour and history, celebrating everyone within the community. 

To me, this image is a representation of empowerment and love and I hope you like it. xxx

Pride beauty collection 2021

You can view the full collection here.  

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