Trending: Metallic Lipsticks

Trending: Metallic Lipsticks

Get ready - metallic lippies are coming through and they are becoming more popular than ever! This Spring and Summer, be prepared for the metallic lipstick trend to pop up just about everywhere. A staple for music festivals (hey, Coachella!), sporting a metallic pout can be done just about everyday with our 4 brand new, wearable Metallic GRLPWR liquid lipsticks. They are a fun, easy way to make a statement without too much effort, due to their bold, glistening finish. Also, our formula is loaded with Shea Butter and Vitamin E, just like our regular mattes, so you know you’ll benefit from comfortable wear, lips that won’t dry out and excellent staying power.

Rojito is a fabulous peach pink metallic shade, making it a winner for the Spring season. We love how Meesha (@strawberryheartschocolatedarts) created a monochromatic look with a peach pink metallic eyeshadow look and a nice flush of peach color on the cheeks.

Royale is a deep rich burgundy shade making it a showstopper for the nighttime, but just as beautiful for the daytime. We love Amber’s (@ambermancha) Coachella look using Royale to amplify a look that is super easy to do, but looks like a million bucks. 


If you're not too adventurous when it comes to makeup, but still want to get in on the metallic trend, you can take a more subtle approach with Champagne, a warm pink shade which is super flattering!  


Mauve lovers, Bellini, is the mauve metallic shade you NEED in your arsenal. It is so pigmented, and a must-have if you’re looking for an everyday metallic lip color.


Will you be rocking metallic lips this Spring/Summer? Let us know below!

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