Updates on COVID-19

In order to comply with World Health Organisation (WHO) and CDC guidelines on social distancing, we have limited the number of staff in our warehouse at any one time. We have made it a priority to maintain the high levels of safety and protection for our staff. Please keep in mind by offering these measures there may be a slight delay in processing your orders. Additionally, there may be delays across all carriers due to limited air network and capacity. Also, carriers are providing contact-free delivery and as such we recommend the purchase of route insurance (pls see our FAQs) at checkout to cover your purchase if it is lost or stolen.

Here is a list of the extra measures in place at our warehouse:

Keeping our warehouse clean & safe

  • Our Warehouse employees will follow deep cleaning and sterilization procedures every day, including frequent disinfecting of common surfaces
  • Hand sanitizers are available by each time station to ensure that employees sanitize before touching equipment
  • Keeping groups of employees separated to the extent possible
  • Equipment and tools are being labeled and assigned, so they are not shared between staff
  • Further measures to increase frequency of cleaning work stations and handheld equipment at the end of each shift are in place
  • Scheduling of pre-shift meetings at warehouse to review updated COVID-19 protocol for hygiene and safety
  • Review assembly and production areas for proper space between associates 
  • Gloves and Masks are provided.

What about the rest of the team?

Anyone in our team who can work remotely is doing so. As a small company the safety and wellbeing of our staff are extremely important. We are constantly checking in with our team and providing any tools needed during this time. 

Throughout this crisis we hope The Beauty Crop can be a useful source of beautiful high-performance color cosmetics, as well as a place to come for some happy escapism and a welcoming community. Please reach out to us on social media @TheBeautyCrop or email us at hello@thebeautycrop.com if you have any questions or would like to say hi.

Please keep safe and well everyone. 

All the love from

The Beauty Crop Team