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Best-selling Mist Duos

$20.00 USD $24.00 USD

Meet our 3 new Mist Duo Bundles:

- Vitamin Babe & Oui Cherie Dual-Phase Mist - The perfect mist duo for all skin types or for anyone who wants to achieve the ultimate dewy glow. Oui Cherie Mist enriched with antioxidant hero ingredient Cherry Extract and soothing Chamomile, this gentle mist helps hydrate skin and minimize your pores, while Vitamin Babe help brighten the skin. 

- Oui Cherie Dual-Phase Mist & Glow Milk Seal & Set Mist - Ideal for dehydrated & dull skin, helps to hydrate the skin and prep it before applying makeup. Set with the Glow Milk Mist to ensure you makeup stays for the whole day. 

- Vitamin Babe Dual-Phase Mist & Glow Milk Seal & Set Mist - Vitamin Babe Mist formulated with that extra squeeze of Vitamin C which is going to help brighten your skin and control oil. It is ideal for all skin types especially those prone to acne or oily skin. Set your makeup with the Glow Milk Mist, enriched with Rose Water for ultimate freshness and longevity. 

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