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BFF XXL Brow Mascara & Lash Duo

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What is It

Achieve your dream brows and lashes with our dual ended XXL BFF Brow Gel. The ultimate essential for your multi-use goals. A transparent brush-on gel with a dual end mascara wand to capture all of your lashes, lose hairs and facial hairs. THe opposite end has a finer, thinner brush to be even more precise!

Set your brows

Prime your lashes

Set your baby hairs

Grow & groom

Hero Ingredients:

Castor Oil

Contribute to the eyebrow hairs growing thicker and more lustrous.

Vitamin E

Nourishes each hair strand creating volume whilst taming.

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How to use it?

STEP ONE  - Use the spoolie on the end of our Good Brow Day pencil to comb through brows.  STEP TWO - Set the look with our BFF Brow Gel using a brush in upward strokes for an enhanced laminated look. STEP THREE - Prime your brows with the other end of the The BFF Brow Lash & Mascara Serum before applying your Mascara. It's is enriched with castor oil and vitamin E which helps to grow & nourish your brows. Win Win.

How you style it

how you style it
how you style it
how you style it
how you style it

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