The Easiest Way To Remove Water-Resistant Mascara

The Easiest Way To Remove Water-Resistant Mascara

No one likes the panda eye look, which is why we all love a good water-resistant, tubing mascara. Theyre totally pool and party proof and make summer that little bit more fabulous.

The problem is, removing water-resistant or tubing mascara can cause you serious bother. You spend 10 minutes using your normal makeup remover, scrubbing, rubbing and getting absolutely no-where. Confusing, right? Weve all been there.

The solution - oil. If something is water-resistant, use the opposite to water - oil. We know, youre sat there wondering why you hadnt thought of that before you nearly rubbed your eyes out

 Any oil based cleanser will work, and even using a pure natural oil such as coconut or olive oil will do the job perfectly. We recommend staying clear of mineral-oil based products though, such as baby oil and vaseline, as you really dont want to be putting that near your eyes.

How to remove waterproof mascara


The Process:

Step 1: Coat a cotton pad with the oil or oil-based cleanser of your choice.

Step 2: Close your eyes firmly shut, and place the cotton pad on your lashes, pressing gently.

Step 3: Hold the pads in place for 15-20 seconds so that the oil has time to dissolve the mascara.

Step 4: Gently wipe your lashes with the pad and watch the mascara slide off. With tubing mascaras, dont be alarmed if you tiny tubes of mascara sliding off

Step 5: Finish by rinsing your face and eyes with a gentle face cleanser.

How easy! We hope this simple tip has vanished all your mascara worries, and makes using our Fabulous Flocking Lashes mascara even better. 

What is a tubing mascara? 

Unlike regular mascara which coats pigment on your lashes, tubing mascaras contains flexible polymers that actually wrap themselves around each of your lashes, ensuring that each lash has 360-degree coverage. Tubing mascara goes on slightly wetter than regular versions; when it dries, the lacquer shrink-wraps around each lash, giving dramatic lashes which are smudge and smear proof. For anyone who hasn’t used a tubing mascara before, the first time you remove it can be a little scary. The tubes release with a combination of water or oil and light pressure, but it can look like your lashes are coming off in your hands. Don’t worry — it’s just the mascara polymers, not your lashes!

tubing mascara removal

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Thank you for the best tips for makeup in photography. I will share your info certainly with clients. I like that there isn’t a mention about contouring. This I find tends to leave the skin dirty looking and I think the skin should appear youthful and clean. The tips you’ve given are concise and easy to understand. Thank you

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